SST Android Suite v 5.1.3 for SST Dongle

New free update for SST Dongle users!

Both SST Dongle types are supported!

SST ANDROID SUITE is the first professional service software for ANDROID DATA Recovery. With its help you can recover in user interactive mode pictures, videos, documents from external or internal memory. You can also read contacts, messages and call logs, view, print or export them to Excel or Open Office, read pattern user lock and view it as animated picture, reset user lock, read or reset google ID or full factory reset, enter android shell commands using a visual terminal emulator shell (ADB Shell). SST ANDROID SUITE v5.1.3 and later support ADB AUTH protocol and need SST Dongle to be connected to USB.


Download SST Android Suite v 5.1.3 User Manual

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SST BoxOne

Universal USB to Serial Box.

Cable sets for Siemens / BenQ-Siemens GSM phones 2000-2007


SST BoxOne is a hardware with full set of Siemens/ BENQ-Siemens cables and test point cables. It is Hi Speed USB to serial adaper with additional USB slot for SST Dongle. The USB powered test point needles could be used for test mode activation of many devices with Flash or eMMC memory. The drivers are updated to support Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 .For 64 bit Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 a Windows Test Mode Toggle tool is provided.

Download SST BoxOne Box Drivers



SST Service Toolbox v 7.61

SST Service Toolbox for Siemens / BenQ-Siemens GSM phones 2000-2007

Supported Models:

European models: A50,A51 A52, A55,A57 C55, S55, SL55, M55, A60, C60, MC60, SX1,CF62,A65,A62

USA/Canada: A56, A56i, C56, CT56, S46, S56, M56 ,C61, SX1

Asia: 1168, A55A, 2128 ,S57, SL55C, M55C

Old Models: A35, A36, C35,M35, S35, A40, C45, ME45, S45, SL42, SL45, M50, MT50

Infineon S-GOLD Platform:C65, CX65, M65, S65, SL65, C6V, C6C, CXV65, CX70, C70, CXT70, CXI70, CX75, M75, C75, CF75, C72, ME75, S75, SL75, S68, C81, EL81

AVR Platform: C62

Calypso LITE Platform: CFX65,AP75

Infineon E-GOLD LITE Platform: A31,AF51,AL51,A70, A75,AX75,AX72,CF110


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